What to Expect

At Old Trail Photography here is what you can expect during our time with you. These steps are generally in the order that we will follow.

Pre Shoot

Session Consultation

This is done in person or by video conference. We feel that this is the #1 reason we are successful at capturing the true personality of our client.

This session has two goals. First is to meet and get comfortable with each other. When you jump feet first into a photo shoot there is a bit of awkwardness that we can get out of the way by getting to know each other during this meeting.

2nd it is for our photographer to learn about your hobbies, likes and dislikes. We can discuss the types of photos you would like as well as location planning. During this meeting we will also schedule your shoot.

Updates Leading up to Photo Shoot

During these updates, we will stay in contact and finalize everything. We will further explore the locations and determine meeting places. We can further discuss wardrobe choices and decisions.

We will also make decisions around weather. We keep a close eye on the weather and it is imperative that we keep everyone involved safe.

Day of Shoot

What to wear

In our typical deluxe package, there may be 3 or 4 locations and 3 or 4 outfit changes. So a variety is good.

We want to look at each location and choose something appropriate.

I typically suggest:

  • Something casual and comfortable
  • Something you would wear going out with friends
  • Something you would wear on a date
  • Something for your grandparents 🙂

Logo-ed stuff may be OK for the casual and comfortable, but, you don't want that for every photo.


Makeup is OK but remember, we will potentially have multiple clothing changes and multiple settings. We suggest going on the conservative side.

Everyone has blemishes. Do not go crazy trying to cover everything up. We can easily do that in Photoshop where sometimes heavy makeup is difficult to remove.


Do it up. But remember, we want to show off your personality, so don't go too crazy. Also with certain outfits, gorgeous salon fresh hair may not go well with a t-shirt and jean shorts.


Yes we love pets.. but they shouldn't be in every shot or outfit and should have their own handler so that they can be walked or taken home when their part is finished. We do not allow pets to be kept in closed vehicles under any circumstance.

Who Should/Can I bring Along?

If you are under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian.

It is always helpful to bring a parent or a friend that can help. Depending on the shoot, there may be a lot to carry.

In addition, we would prefer a female to be there to adjust clothing, hair etc. during the shoot for our female gender identified clients.

Post Shoot

Photo Gallery with a selection of Photos (PROOFS)

Within 2 weeks of your shoot (many times quicker) You will receive a link that will take you to a proofs gallery that you will be able to pick your favorites up to the number of photos included in your package. This gallery may have hundreds of photos to go through.

This gallery will be removed at a point in the future, usually about 6 months after the final gallery is approved.

Retouched Gallery

We will edit and retouch your chosen photos with the basic* retouches. The timing on this phase depends on the number of photos and the amount of retouching.

You will be given links the retouched image gallery. You can purchase print photos from this gallery.

*Basic retouching is limited to exposure adjustments as well as blemishes.

Extensive retouching of tan lines, tattoo removal,  sky replacements, removing objects/people and more are on a case by case basis and will be evaluated and quoted.

Digital Photo Gallery

You will be given links to your digital photo gallery that can be given to friends and family. This can be displayed on computers and laptops as well as tablet and smart phones. On a smart phone this works similar to an app on your phone where you can save to your home page and view anytime or anywhere.

Digital Downloads

If you purchased the download option, you will be able to download from this gallery. Digital downloads are suitable for printing up to an 8x10. We request that larger prints are ordered through us to guarantee quality.