Sample Print Pricing

This this page represents some sample pricing of prints.

FAQ: Why is your pricing on prints expensive / so cheap?

Believe it or not, I get both ends of the spectrum on this one. So I’ll tackle them both.

Compared to most other photographers my prints are actually very inexpensive. These are not the same quality of photos that you get at Walmart or Cosco. These aren’t even the quality that you get at mail order or online photo companies. Your photo order at Old Trail Photography is handled by one of the premier photography print company that can only be used by pro photographers. Each photo is individually tweaked and color graded and printed on the highest quality archival papers that are meant to last for a long time.

In addition to the exceptional quality of our prints, each photo you order, gets yet another glance by us to ensure that before it gets sent for production, we put our stamp of approval on them. We also may do another adjustment / retouch on the photo that is geared towards the size of print you are ordering. For example, if we retouch a photo for a 20×30, that same retouch on a 4×6 will make the subject look plastic and fake.

We also want to make physical photo affordable. What good are photos sitting on a hard drive and not being enjoyed by loved ones? Photos are meant to be viewed!

This is JUST a sample of what we offer. We have the ability for just about print photography product you can imagine. Just contact us as ask!

Sample prices are subject to change. All Prices are based on Standard Archival Print papers.

Mini Wallets – Set of 8$8.00
Standard Wallets – Set of 4$9.00
4 x 6$6.00
5 x 7$7.00
8 x 10$13.00
8 x 12$15.00