Professional headshots help you make a great first impression. And they’re not just for actors and models. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, real estate professional, job seeker, or just someone who wants to put their best foot forward on social media, I can help you achieve the look of confidence you’re after. In studio or on location, one person or a team of 100, I can bring everything I need with me to create studio-quality headshots in your office or anywhere else.

By most definitions, a headshot is simply a close-up photo of an individual that includes the head and shoulders, and part of the torso. Typically it would be shot on a simple background in a vertical orientation and would not extend below the waist, but modern headshots can certainly blur those lines for a variety of reasons. (You’ll see examples of those differences in the gallery below.)

By way of contrast, any full-length or 3/4-length photo used to promote your business (or yourself) is what I call a business or personal-branding portrait. They’re usually less formal and often include backgrounds that give a hint as to your work or your passions.

Portraits shot in the workplace can also include dynamic activity, often with multiple people interacting, I call those “environmental” or “lifestyle portraits.” 

Headshot sessions for individuals last 20-30 minutes and include digital images.